SKI SEASONNOVEMBER 27, 2009 - APRIL 12, 2010 

Once a camp city of tents and shacks huddled in a remote wilderness valley, today a resort Mecca, where a rich heritage inspire. Early pioneers called their settlement “UTE CITY.” Town was platted in 1881 when Ute City was officially renamed Aspen, for the trees that grew in abundance. Laid out at its base, much as it was a century ago when mining was in its heyday and ore was hauled from town by railroad, boasting one of the richest silver deposits in the west. With hordes of miners hoping to extract their fortunes in silver, town thrived with the riches of the earth, yielding high-grade ore.  The flurry of mining activity that built Aspen collapsed with the demonetization of silver in 1893.  

Aspen’s true “ore” today is flora & fauna, its geology & climate. River carvings and glacial excavations have fashioned the valley over the years into mountain peaks, verdant timberline basins and narrow valleys. Her four ski slopes, is as unique as her four seasons. Snow brightens the mountains and townscape during winter with fresh white powder. Mountains are textured with moguls and stubbled with sugar coated spruce & fir. Winter National, America’s Downhill & Winterskol are all part of the antennary. An unforgettable place, where the lure of four mountains are yours with just one lift ticket. From Aspen to Snowmass, novices find delight in Buttermilk and pros seek the challenge of the Highland Bowl. Eight terrain parks, with two superpipes, two beginner pipes and 336 trails served by 46 lifts. The only challenge is to choose between them.

During spring, cascades tumble through aspen forest verdant, a seasonal purging of the mountains snowpack. Spring foliage, glacier lilies, provide a splash of color, rivers rise and song sparrow cheerfully greet spring.

In the summer, meadows flurry with colorful clumps of wild flowers against snow capped mountain backdrops. Aspen’s cultural identity showcase Aspen Music Festival and School, the International Design Conference, Aspen Jazz Fest, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet & Aspen’s Ideas FestivalFishing, kayaking, rafting, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking, is just a view outdoors activities.

Autumn brings forest floors crunching with dried leaves. Aspen & cottonwoods turn yellow-gold. Firewood is stacked, golden mountain squirrels collect their winter treasures… an ever-changing canvas.